Hi, you expect to find www.travel-and-transport.com, the Travel and Transport Information Service
for Northern Europe (TTIS)?

After 10 years operation this platform has been closed beginning of October 2010. It is replaced by a new system
of distributed information* that can be found on major national websites of the co-operating countries.
Therefore a joint website is not needed anymore.

How to view information from neighbouring countries:

countries Denmark Finland Sweden Germany Norway

Please note: These websites are not developed as stand-alone solutions. Normally they are embedded (linked) as a kind of "add-on" on major national traffic information websites, e.g.:

- www.vejdirektoratet.dk (Denmark)

- http://portal.liikennevirasto.fi/sivu/www/e/ (Finland)

- www.verkehrsinfo-nord.de (Northern Germany)

- www.vegvesen.no (Norway)

- www.trafikverket.se (Sweden)


The basic application is provided with a simple design. Each country is responsibel for adaption of the design in accordance to the style of its own pages (creation of own templates by HTML web design). A showcase for examples can be visited on the projects platform www.seeportals.eu where different templates are also offered for purchase.

* Detailed information on the current status of the project download here

Financially supported by: European Commission - Directorate General for Mobility and Transport (GD MOVE)